About us.

Stake.Care is a platform that offers guidance and consulting for newcomers, experts or companies who are interested in blockchain and decentralisation. To fulfill our mission of improving the rate of adoption of decentralised networks and ecosystems, we have an option to let you participate in the decentralised verification system of the Cardano network (staking with ADA on our stake pool). The network will pay you a yearly reward of up to 6% on your staked ADA. We see great value in decentralized technologies and believe there is a lot of utility and opportunities gained from further adopting and developing those. The Stake.Care team has constantly been specializing in blockchain, web development, data science and finance since early 2012 in order to deliver solid and fundamental knowledge.

Services we offer

  • Financial advice regarding cryptocurrencies
  • Stake Pool
  • Consulting

Why come to us?

We are a small team of people who got involved with cryptocurrencies early on and quickly developed a passion for open source decentralised technologies. We started informing ourselves, investing, trading, mining and generally using cryptocurrencies in early 2012. We went through the highs and the lows, the golden tickets and the scams, results exceeding expectations and broken promises, the ICOs and the Ponzi schemes. In short we experienced it all. This is why we can provide you with the lessons we have learned and the knowledge we have gained. We are confident in being able to deliver a great service.

Stake.Care Stake Pool

  • Ticker: [CARE]
  • Pool ID:
  • Pledge: 70k ₳
  • Fixed Fee: 340 ₳/Epoch
  • Margin: 2%
  • www.adapools.org
  • www.pooltool.io

Our stake pool offers everyone a way to stake their ADA and to contribute in decentralizing the Cardano blockchain. The pool has 100% uptime and runs with several relay nodes powered by 92% renewable energy. This gives us the ability to develop the infrastructure while maximizing block production and returns and minimizing our environmental impact.


Feel free to message us on any of those platforms regarding our services or blockchain technologies. We would also appreciate any kind of feedback.